Beautiful photos of a super beautiful family.
Angie’s dress is by Luigi Massi of Versace. He took direction from the children (who wanted her dress to look like princess Fiona’s from Shrek), and included their drawings on her veil.
Each kid chose their own role, and outfit for the wedding. Pax and Maddox choosing to walk Angie down the aisle, Zahara, and Vivienne chose to be flower girls, and Shiloh and Knox chose to be ring bearers(and they both chose their spunky hats! How great!) also, Pax MADE the cake.
Angie walked down the aisle to no sound but the small gathering of guests humming “here comes the bride.” And she, and Brad exchanged vows which were mostly written by the kids.
I am so incredibly in love with this beautiful family. I mean just look at those kids faces, they are so in love with their family. Agh I love them so much.